Sonaturals was conceived as a cosmetic brand with a conscience. Sonaturals brings you beauty products filled with natural goodness that are not just good for you but also for the planet. Sonaturals products are inspired by the Indian culture, Indian people and the magical Indian heritage and landscape. India is now open-heartedly welcoming a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. So here we bring you the best of natural beauty and makeup essentials that are pure, organic, cruelty-free, dedicatedly created for Indian skin and proudly made in India. Treat yourself with the luxury Indian goodness!


Awesome products! I recommend everyone to use it. Also very affordable
Kartika Singh
Awesome products! I recommend everyone to use it. Also very affordable
Kartika Singh
I like all so natural products. Really very good product and skin friendly chemical free harmless products.
Padmja Rasal
All products are just awesome and best part is its chemical free, made from herbal ingredients… very safe to use.
Shambhavi Singh
Because it is completely skin friendly and harmless brand of products.
Archana Sharma
Market is flooded with beauty products… but it’s really tough to find a range which is not only fully herbal but pocket friendly as well. Found this sonic, their Kajal and Rose lip scrub are simply wow. Egerly waiting for their range of lip colors as am sure they will be awesome as well.
Poonam Singh.
I received VERY interesting feedback when I wore their Kohua lip shade - a friend said to me that it made my face look lively, I felt the same with their nude shade. Sonaturals have great quality beauty products and also love the fragrance of their products.
-Merril Savia Diniz
I believe a traditional Indian look is incomplete without Kajal, and if that Kajal is made of Organic ingredients then be sure and satisfied that you are in the safe hands of your cosmetic brand.
With Sonaturals, I am simply contented and really loving their products. The Best part of their Kajal is that it's smooth, has a round tip that allows a thick line which makes your eyes bigger and beautiful. I recommend Sonaturals 100%.
- Meghna Vachher
Today Indian companies are producing top-class quality beauty products for women of colour which International companies don't do often. As a Woman of Colour, I celebrate these desi brands, SoNaturals is one such brand that has designed natural and non toxic matte lip shades all of 11 shades according to all skin tones. It's time to move away from big brands and support authentic desi brands like Sonaturals, let's scream ``Made in India``
- Valentina JD

Sonaturals A Brief Introduction

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