Sonaturals Women Gift Box

SO a few days back Sonaturals India Send me this cute beauty box. Now, I am a big lipstick lover and anyone who knows me knows that I love cute and attractive packaging, this Beauty box has: *Two Lipsticks- Matte *Two Lip...

Lipsticks Appreciation:

@Sonaturalsindia has one of the best lipsticks, ecofriendly, natural and longlasting and there I said it! I absolutely love Aham, the perfect nude shade for me and Mahshar is a lovely pink shade that adds a lot of radiance to...

Indian Men's Skincare Routine

Indian Men's Skincare Routine: What would your father have said if you suggested a manicure to him? Most likely, he’d get offended and dismiss you as ridiculous.Within a short generation, we have come to a time when...

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