Men and Lip Scrub

He picked up this beautifully illustrated tiny little jar. Without paying much attention to what the label said, he opened it. It smelt inviting and the texture was unlike anything he was used to. So, he scraped some of it on...

Sonaturals All Natural Products

Recently I received "the Hamper of Goodness",  @sonaturalsindia, an all-natural, ethical, indigenous brand, a brand with a sensibility to do their bit for their environment. Our body, our skin, our mind, our planet, our...

Sonaturals Lip-Shade

   Many of you have Dm’d asked about the Lip -Shade I was wearing in today’s live session. Well here’s the answer!👇🏻👇💄 The lip shade was ‘Mudita ‘by a recently launched brand , that I have...

Traditional Look By Kajal

I believe, a traditional Indian look is incomplete without a kajal! And if that kajal is made of organic ingredients, you feel truly satisfied with being safe in the hands of your cosmetic Brand. @sonaturalsindia, I am...

Sonaturals Women Gift Box

SO a few days back @sonaturalsindia Send me this cute beauty box. Now, I am a big lipstick lover and anyone who knows me knows that I love cute and attractive packaging, this Beauty box has: *Two Lipsticks- Matte *Two Lip...

Lipstick Appreciation:

@Sonaturalsindia has one of the best lipsticks, ecofriendly, natural and longlasting and there I said it! I absolutely love Aham, the perfect nude shade for me and Mahshar is a lovely pink shade that adds a lot of radiance to...

Indian Men's Skincare Routine

What would your father have said if you suggested a manicure to him? Most likely, he’d get offended and dismiss you as ridiculous. Within a short generation, we have come to a time when men’s grooming routines have...

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