What would your father have said if you suggested a manicure to him? Most likely, he’d get offended and dismiss you as ridiculous.

Within a short generation, we have come to a time when men’s grooming routines have evolved from just a soapy scrub in the shower to an elaborate skincare ritual that can rival the beauty habits of women.

It’s unclear what came first. The marketing strategy or the grooming epiphany. We’ll never know if it was an idea that multinationals sold to consumers or if it’s a product line that image-conscious men showered on the laps of FMCG companies. Whatever it is, we now live in an equal world when it comes to cosmetics.

Gone are the days when men who took interest in beauty were labelled as vain, wasteful and feminine. We now live in a market where FMCG companies are aggressively marketing men’s products as much as women’s cosmetics. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing industries in the economy!

So what got about this drastic change of perspective? There are a multitude of factors that might have contributed towards the attitude change towards men’s skincare routine. The metrosexual man became commonplace after fashion designers, movie directors and FMCG companies shifted their attention to grooming their male protagonists. Over the years, body hair became a faux pas, good grooming habits became unnegotiable and masculinity got a vain redefinition. Sleek and chic became rewarding adjectives and the modern man became more conscious about his style sense.

Men centric skincare products started becoming a household name as people began buying into the notion of the special needs of masculine skin and hair.

Today, the male customer is as discerning about his cosmetic and grooming needs as the female customer. Whether it’s nourishing shaving balms or enriched beard oils, men are consuming more consciously and know better what their skin needs.

The Great Shopping Balance which was initially tilted in the favour of women is slowly regaining its equanimity. Today, the male customer stares at as many choices as the fairer sex and skincare companies are now concentrating on the quality of offerings for this hard-to-please segment.

At Sonaturals, we believe that men deserve the same nourishment that women so easily get. That is why our men’s cosmetics are made with as much care and goodness. Enriched with Vitamin E and other essential oils, our beard-care range is made for the man who understands that real nourishment can only be unfailingly natural.

The future is shaped by the sensitive, eco-conscious, educated and informed consumer. FMCG companies can no longer be complacent about using harmful chemicals in their products. Whether it’s men or women’s products, the shopping choices of people have evolved and it’s time that companies follow suit too!