He picked up this beautifully illustrated tiny little jar. Without paying much attention to what the label said, he opened it. It smelt inviting and the texture was unlike anything he was used to. So, he scraped some of it on his finger. Just as he lifted it up towards his mouth, she entered from the door. Embarrassed, he wiped it off his hand and quickly put down the jar. Amused, she walked up to him and teasingly said , ‘ Delicious, isn’t it? Why don’t you try it on?’. Still blushing, he said, ‘ I’m not hungry. Also, it’s such a tiny jar, I wouldn’t want to finish it and not leave any for you’. Between bouts of uncontrollable laughter, she asked, ‘what do you think this is?’. Fumbling and muttering something under his breath that sounded like ‘ I thought it’s dessert’, he walked off.

The Sonaturals lip scrub was envisaged as a product that both men and women could use. But soon we realized that very few men actually use lip scrub! This knowledge came as a confusing revelation because we couldn’t understand what made lip scrub feminine! In fact, it’s an essential skin care ritual that men require as much as women!

So we went to a number of men and asked them whether they did use anything at all on their lips. To our surprise, almost half the men said they used nothing at all despite having habits like smoking, travelling on bikes and being exposed to dust and pollution for prolonged periods. These are the kind of circumstances that make lip scrub a must to ensure that the lips remain supple and chap-free!

We gave these men the Sonaturals lip scrub made with refreshing combinations like lime and vanilla and rose and mint. After their initial apprehensions, with regular use, the men observed that their lips became soft, supple and regained their original colour as the dust and tan lifted off them. In fact, many men came back for more!

A natural lip scrub like Sonaturals helps keep the most important feature of our face willowy and healthy. Made with real rose petals and lime rind, the Sonaturals Lip Scrub is so good that it’s edible! Whether it’s men or women, many of us take lipcare for granted and end up with dark and rough lips that are not just unbecoming but uncomfortable too.

With the power of pure ingredients and gentle processing, the Sonaturals lip scrub is made to exfoliate your lips and remove the dead skin cells that dull the natural glow of the skin. Whether it’s the tough outdoor conditions that men face or the long arduous hours that women must go through, the lip scrub is an essential in today’s urban lifestyle. A tiny jar full of wholesome goodness, make the Sonaturals lip scrub your trusted lipcare companion!