My current favorite organic lipstick brand and shades:

Hey hey, peeps! How ya’ll doing??? It’s been a long while since I last came on this platform and wrote. You guys have already heard this, but yeah I shall repeat myself…Life has been crazy-busy past couple of months with school and ‘The Gram’ and Events, I had no time and energy to pen my thoughts down on my blog channel! And whenever I wanted to start writing there would always be something else I would get distracted with 😦  But, nonetheless here I am and today I am going to be talking about my current favorite organic lipstick brand 🙂

SONATURALS, a brand inspired by the magical Indian landscape and heritage! They have a range of lip care products like lip scrubs & lip creams, lipsticks, kajal for us ladies and for the men they have beard oil, beard balm and hair wax. All the products are made with completely natural ingredients and contain no harmful chemicals, additives or fillers. With Sonaturals, you get the promise of forever goodness and their 100% cruelty-free products are not just good for you but they are good for nature! In short, products by Sonaturals are eco-friendly, wholesome, organic and healthy since they as a brand stay far-far away from anything that might harm the nature.

The Sonaturals lipsticks are smooth, glide easily and are enriched with Vitamin E & shea butter. For all you multi-taskers, the jugglers, the hard-workers, however busy you are, you have got your back covered with Sonaturals’s lipsticks, that are untiring as you are 😉

So, now finally let us dive into my favorite lipstick shades by Sonaturals!


The power by which the universe becomes manifest; the illusion or appearance of the phenomenal world is the very definition of this shade MAYA. The bright pink pops just right and the finish is satin. These enchanting colors are beauty, intellect, fantasy and reality all rolled into one. I love to wear this color on days I feel off, and it instantly brightens up my day. This perfect pink shade is a day color and could be worn for a brunch or your early evening coffee date.


This lipstick color takes us back into time where our old Bollywood love songs were all about a girl & boy running behind each other in fully blossomed gardens. The shade depicts the magic of spring, blossoming in all its glory. You can dress this peachy-pink shade up or down, wear it during the day or late evening, with a colored outfit to contrast it or simply with your LBD. Bahar perfectly matches any skin tone, any time or set in the day!


The color that gives life and is life. It’s the imaginary color of our souls- dense and dramatic. According, to the Indian mythology and scripts, Jiva is the immortal essence or life force that never perishes, which is reborn with the human body until it attains Moksha or salvation. This red color tells the ancient story of our philosophical texts. Add this true blood red to your lips and you are sure to not only be the life of the party but also, bring the party alive.  Wear it with an LBD or animal dress and girl I tell you, you are sure to be head-turner & showstopper! You can also wear this red color lippie to a meeting and get that deal cracking :))


Mudita is inspired by the Sanskrit or Pali concept of unadulterated joy in someone else’s well-being. The warm earthy tone of Mudita reflects the imperfectly perfect beautiful, empathetic soul. The Shanti stupas and monasteries of ancient Odisha play their muse here. This color is my everyday, go-to nude shade. I wear to work and sometimes I wear this color to some post-work fun too 😉

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