Recently I received “the Hamper of Goodness”, Sonaturals India, associate all-natural, ethical, indigenous brand, a complete with a sensibility to try to their bit for his or her atmosphere.

Our body, our skin, our mind, our planet, the environment, and OUR RESPONSIBILITY… to choose WISELY!


And if you know very little of me, you’d understand that. I actually have been creating aware efforts towards adopting an additional NATURAL, ETHICAL, ORGANIC… shift of ….approach, fashion, product selections in my life. and within the lifetime of all, I will.

Hence, I’m trying to associate with people, brands, and products that share my sensibilities. So natural India is one such brand. Do check them out, I’m sure you’ll appreciate their honest efforts and quality of products.


More About Sonatural Natural Beauty Product:

Sonaturals India brings you organic beauty and self-care essentials all their natural glory. Made with handpicked ingredients sourced from different corners of India. our products beauty practices putting them in the modern context for you. Come let’s switch to a healthier and kinder notion of beauty.

Sonaturals online store brings you the finest non-toxic organic beauty and self-care essentials. Buy our authentic natural beauty products like vegan lipstick, kajal eyeliner, lip cream, beard oil, beard balm and more.

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