Mahshar-Natural Long-Lasting Matte Lipstick

Natural Long-Lasting Matte Lipstick

Our lipstick is designed to be as hardworking as you. You juggle, you multitask and make time for everything important with a smile. You deserve a lipstick that’s as untiring as you! Sonaturals lipsticks are smooth and enriched with Vitamin E and shea butter. Choose from a range of intensely rich and tempting colours!

Sonaturals lipsticks are:
-Super Long-Lasting
-Vegan and cruelty-free
-Hydrating and moisturizing creamy matte
-Made of natural ingredients
-Breathtaking fragrance
-Guilt-free makeup
-Dedicatedly made to suit Indian skin tones


As misty as the word sounds, the Urdu meaning of ‘Mahshar’ holds a lot of gravity.

It refers to Judgement Day, known as qayamat in Hindi. A measure of one’s good deeds in life upon which depends our heavenly bliss. The hot pink colour of Mahshar evokes our bubbling curiosity towards qayamat. The glittering bylanes of Old Delhi and the colourful of Meena Bazaar is our muse here. Wear it with wonder!

Directions of Use: Roll out the lipstick and glide over your lips in concentric motions for richer colour.

Rs.899 Rs.699

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