The Promise of Purity

‘Within Nature lies the cure for Humanity’

We all came into this world with the promise of abundance and purity. From homemade remedies to medicinal herbs, the Indian culture has long looked towards nature for all its health and nourishment needs. In a land that has blessed the world with the pious sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Well, the logical answer to that would be big “No” but we are sucked into the world of chemically manufactured and processed cosmetics, from lipsticks to kajal eyeliners to lip balms & lip creams to beard oil and beard balms nothing is completely natural or pure in the market today.


A Journey of Discovery

This journey took us back to our roots, our rich natural heritage and most importantly, our pride as Indian women and men. At Sonaturals, we would like to be your partners in good karma by using sustainable, natural products that are good for the environment too! Our vision is to create an enlightened community that consumes responsibly and finds a non-intrusive way to interact with nature!

Encompassing the Best of Nature

Our products are carefully created, with a lot of thought and research. They’re made with 100% natural ingredients.We retain the purity and yet maintain the beauty in our range of products everything from our range of lipsticks, kajal eyeliner, lip cream, lip scrub and hygiene essentials for Men like Beard oil & Beard balm etc are manufactured by natural ingredients and extracts. More importantly, they are completely cruelty-free and Vegan yet we have all the variety you will get.

Good for You. Good for the Environment

At Sonaturals, we’re in it for good. We stay away from anything that might harm nature and create products that are wholesome and healthy. Even our packaging is entirely recyclable!

With SoNaturals, you get the promise of forever goodness and care. We take our commitment towards nature and purity extremely seriously and translate it into everything we do. Inspired by our great nation and its widespread landscape. We have created authentic natural products. that take you back to your ancient roots and make you proud to be Indian!

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Awesome products! I recommend everyone to use it. Also very affordable.
Kartika Singh
I like all so natural products. Really very good product and skin friendly chemical free harmless products
Padmja Rasal
All products are just awesome and best part is its chemical free, made from herbal ingredients… very safe to use.
Shambhavi Singh
Because it is completely skin friendly and harmless brand of products.
Archana Sharma
Market is flooded with beauty products… but it’s really tough to find a range which is not only fully herbal but pocket friendly as well. Found this sonic, their Kajal and Rose lip scrub are simply wow. Egerly waiting for their range of lip colors as am sure they will be awesome as well.
Poonam Singh.
I ordered sonatural’s black from Amazon and I’m still using it, it’s a wonderful product which gives a cooling effect and smells amzing, from my personal experience I recommend you give it a try.
Nilima Sharma.
I use kajal & scrub and feel really good products.
Neha Abhijeet.
First of all your future towards this natural things is fantastic and as well know chemical are more harmful to our skin and much more but as I used your some products I felt like they are literally awesome. Your lipstick is long lasting it gives me a perfect feel. Lip balm of so natural is perfect for nourishing our lips and last but not least kajal and lip scrup. They are awesome, no side effects and I have perfect look your packing too good , overall your products are the best and I would like to use only products of that expensive and useless ones.
Sonal Upadhyay.
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